Term & condition

Pick-up and Delivery area within Klang Valley only.

The 1-3 Hours duration will commence upon PICK-UP by Karhoo Courier’s rider.

All prices quoted are nett price excluding 6% GST.

For pick-up request, please call 019 278 5897. Please make sure the parcels are pre-packed appropriately before placing pick-up request. It is highly recommended that all delivery requests to be emailed to [email protected] by 9pm, the night before delivery.

Perishable items should be adequately packed with sufficient preservation materials e.g cooling packs, dry ice and proper labeling.

Appropriate inner packaging and quality corrugated boxes (original packaging) that can withstand normal handling and transportation movements are to be used for packing of goods.

Please note that we do not deliver explosives, gases, flammable liquids and solids, poisonous or infectious substances, radioactive material, firearms, weaponry, ammunition and their parts, illegal goods (e.g. gambling devices, pornographic and obscene materials and others), drugs and alcoholic beverages, dangerous and hazardous good, non-halal food and beverages.

Please refer to our website www.karhoocourier.my , click ‘Tracking’ and enter the Consignment Note number.

Minimum to maximum size / weight
60 cm to 100 cm / 1 kg to 9 kg : Motorcycle
100 cm to 180 cm / 10 kg to 25 kg : Van

KARHOO COURIER SDN BHD will not be held responsible for any lost, damage, failure or late delivery because of an unforeseen circumstance outside of our control, such as a strike, natural disaster or bad weather condition.

We have the rights to claim the delivery charge after second attempt provided the absent notice and photo of the said location are given as proof of delivery.

We have the rights to claim the delivery charge for any rejected parcels by the receiver for any reasons that may arise.

Any claims must be made in writing and with proof of order within 7 days from delivery date. Please email the report to [email protected] or call our hotline at 019 389 9898. Inspection is mandatory, therefore do not dispose or tamper the packaging/goods as this may void the claims.

The liability of KARHOO COURIER SDN BHD shall be limited to the payment by way of damage of a sum not exceeding RM200 or its equivalent per consignment of the value of consigned goods or documents whichever is lesser.

Customers are to arrange insurance coverage on the documents or goods consignment and KARHOO COURIER SDN BHD is under no obligation to provide such insurance coverage.

Payment must be made twice weekly (every Monday and Thursday) via online transfer into our Maybank Account (KARHOO COURIER SDN BHD – 562085611827) and kindly email us the proof of payments to [email protected]

Please use the Consignment Note given or print the Consignment Note from our website, www.karhoocourier.my and attach it on the respective parcel. Please note the rule of one (1) Consignment Note per parcel.